GraMag SteadyRide Seat Black Tough Cloth with Grey Stitching

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GraMag SteadyRide semi truck seat in black cloth with grey stitching will easily install in most all semi-truck cabs.

The on-highway seat is ideal for long haul environments as it reduces whole-body-vibration up to 67%.  Reducing driver fatigue and improving overall quality of life. No other seat in the world compares to the SteadyRide for comfort and performance.


SteadyRide Seat Features


  • Air suspension 6 in. vertical travel
  • 5 Position adjustable dampener
  • 4 Position seat pan tilt
  • Cushion extension
  • Fore/aft Isolator
  • 38 degree reclining back with forward dump
  • Upper and lower adjustable lumbar
  • Dual Armrests (supplied with seat)

Optional Features

  • Heat and vent